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Marriage Preparation Program


“[Spouses] belonging to each other is the real representation, by means of the sacramental sign, of the very relationship of Christ with the Church. Spouses are therefore the permanent reminder to the Church of what happened on the Cross; they are for one another and for the children witnesses to the salvation in which the sacrament makes them sharers.”

-St. John Paul II, Familiaris Consortio #13


Welcome to St. Joseph’s Church Marriage Preparation Program! This is a very exciting time in your lives, filled with lots of planning and preparations and we are so glad to share a part of it with you!


Even though our world puts a lot of emphasis to prepare for the actual day of a wedding, we at St. Joseph Parish feel that the Sacrament of Marriage isn't just a one day event, it is a lifelong journey that will hopefully lead you both to Heaven. It is our hope that our Marriage Prep Program will not only help you prepare for the day of your wedding, but that it will also help give you a strong foundation for your marriage that is centered on Christ and helps you get through all the highs and lows that may come after your wedding.


Our Marriage Prep Program takes our engaged couples through a series of meetings both with the Priest, Marriage Prep Coordinator and a Mentor Couple so that they can:

  • Deeply understand God’s design for marriage

  • Begin to understand and mesh together each other's individuality

  • Ways to develop and keep a Christ centered marriage  

  • How to best tackle issues and situations that happen in day to day married life


BEFORE your first meeting with Father Mason and the Marriage Prep Coordinator, we ask you complete FOUR things:

  1. Take the online Pre-Marital Inventory Test: Go to to complete.

  2. Register for an NFP or Creighton Fertility Care Class: Information to do so can be found in your Marriage Preparation Packet.

  3. Create an account on Create a username and password and use code (bbhzqv).This will give you access to Beloved, a series of videos designed for  marriage prep. WATCH Beloved Video: “Does Marriage Matter” and answer the correlating questions that are enclosed in your Marriage Preparation Packet before the first meeting with Mentor Couple

  4. Look through the Mentor Profiles: Pray about and CHOOSE who you would like to join you on the journey of preparing you for the Sacrament of Marriage.


Marriage Prep Sessions


  1. Session One: Overview of Marriage Prep Program and Prepare and Enrich Session (Father, Marriage Prep Coodinator & Prepare and Enrich Mentors)

    1. Introductions & Opening the Marriage File

    2. Father & MPC give overview of the Marriage Prep Program

    3. Engaged couple reveals who they want for a Mentor Couple

    4. Discuss Beloved videos and go over questions to first video

    5. Second hour of the meeting will be overview of Prepare and Enrich inventory


  1. Session Two: Mentor Meeting #1  (Mentor Couple)

    1. Introductions

    2. Discussion of  Prepare-Enrich Inventory

    3. Beloved Video: Discuss questions

    4. Make a game plan: Date Nights and Praying together


  1. Session Three: Pre-Cana Retreat Weekend (Mentor Couple attends also)

    1. Make a game plan: Write a Love Letter to your future spouse


  1. Session Four: Mentor Meeting #2 (Mentor Couple)

    1. Follow-up with Mentor Couple (suggested dinner date) after the retreat to discuss how the weekend went and what you got out of it.

    2. Make a game plan: Importance of Date Nights


  1. Session Five: Planning the Wedding Ceremony (Father & MPC)

    1. Nail down all the details of the Wedding Ceremony including setting up the date and time of the wedding rehearsal.

    2. Watch (if needed) and discuss answers to the correlating questions from the two videos from Beloved: “Entering the Story of Marriage” & “Love Revealed”


  1. Session Six: Mentor Meeting #3 (Mentor Couple)

    1. 3-6 month after wedding meet with your mentor couple (date night suggested) and discuss life as you know it.

    2. Some items that may need to be discussed are:

      1. Conflict/Communication

      2. Keeping Christ at the Center

      3. Protecting your Bond/ Deeper Unity/ Two Become One


Before We Say ‘I DO’


  1. Go to weekly Mass together: St. Joseph Mass times: Sat 4;30 Sun 8 & 10

  2. Attend confession at least once a month and within a week before the wedding ceremony St. Joseph Confession times: Every Saturday 3-4pm

  3. Make a holy hour together some time before the wedding ceremony.  St. Joseph Adoration times: Every Tuesday 9-6 and 24 hour Adoration every first Friday.

  4. Pray together and for each day (suggestions)

  5. NFP/Creighton times dates options

  6. Read together “Good News of Sex and Marriage”

  7. Watch together another series on
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