Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharistic

Dear parishioner,

Thank you for your involvement in serving as a Eucharistic Minister (EM) here at the parish. As our parish grows, we are introducing some simple changes and communicating expectations. 

St. Joseph Parish Lector Guidelines

The Word of God is to be “proclaimed,” not merely “read.”  For Lectors to properly proclaim Scripture, they must be prepared.  The passages for each Sunday should be read, prayed with, and proclaimed aloud a number of times during the week before you are scheduled.  If you do not have a copy of the Workbook for Lectors, please pick up one in the sacristy or call the parish office.  Become familiar with the hints given in the Introduction of the workbook, and utilize the margin notes, as well as, the pronunciation aids given for each reading

Alter Servers Guidelines

Definition of Altar Server

It is a great privilege to serve at the Altar of our God and therefore Servers are chosen from those who display a desire for a more intimate union with our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.  Our loving Savior becomes present on the Altar, just as He was at the Last Supper and Calvary.  Accordingly, Servers have a solemn responsibility to do their assigned duties with dignity and reverence.

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