Sr. Luvia Haiti Update

Written by Sandy Wolniakowski

Many of you have been wondering how Sr. Luvia is doing following the hurricane.   Our information is limited, but we were able to talk to her the Thursday following the hurricane and Sr. Luvia reported that the orphanage and the children were safe at that time.  The school was spared as well.  However, the Brothers in Jacmel were hit hard.  They lost their house, their school and all of their materials.

The country school in Miragoane was also fine, but the roads and bridges would not allow Sr. Luvia to travel to these locations. Bridges have been washed out and streets were flooded.  Sr. Luvia said there were no gardens or animals left.  The lack of food and clean water were also a problem. As we know from news reports, flooding increased sanitation problems and cholera is now an epidemic that is threatening their well being. As friends and supporters of Sr. Luvia and her mission in Haiti, it can be very difficult to feel so unable to help.  However, we can NEVER underestimate the power of our prayers and the power of our God, who hears the cry of the poor.  We ask that you continue to keep Sr. Luvia and all of the people of Haiti in your prayers.  St. Joseph's will also be accepting donations on her behalf and will make another money wire in the near future.

To know that she has friends in Pewamo who are praying for her is worth more to Sr. Luvia than you can possibly understand, and on her behalf I thank you for that. 


If your wondering how to help, there is a way. St. Joseph's Parish has an account established for Sr. Luvia that is ALWAYS able to receive donations on her behalf and that money wires are made when there are sufficient funds to do so. Please write checks out to St. Joseph's Parish and the money will go directly to the Haiti Mission.  


Please contact the parish office at 989-593-3440 to speak with Sandy or Dan about helping.