Tithing at St. Joe's

Electronic Giving (EFT transfers) is coming to St. Joseph's Parish.

It is our hope to have online giving set up by the beginning of 2017, making it easy for you to set up a reoccurring tithe that fit's with your giving abilities. Please bear with us as we get this new endeavor completed. 


The Bible says in Matthew 6:24 that the top competitor for our commitment to God is money. Giving allows us to show that God is more important to us than material things. Not having cash or check on hand doesn’t have to hold you back from giving, you can be obedient by giving online. There is no organization with more potential to change the world than the local parish.

Giving Draws Us Closer to God

When you invest in what matters to God, you strengthen your relationship with Him.

Giving Grows Our Character

Giving helps us to better reflect the character of God. He has given us everything — not even withholding his own Son! God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son.

Giving Expresses Love For People

Our giving makes it possible for people to hear the Good News of God’s love for them. It also helps us provide, through our Ministry partners, critical care to the poor and those in need.


How We Give

 The four P’s

Growing in generosity means being intentional about our giving. Planning our giving means that we intentionally set aside money from our budget to give away. An efficient way to plan our giving is to give electronically.

Making giving a priority means giving it first place in our budgets. Growing in generosity requires that we don’t give leftovers. We give our “first fruits” back to God.

In planning our gifts, we pick a percentage to give away, keeping in mind the biblical standard of the tithe or giving ten percent back to God. Identify a percentage of your income to give away.

Our goal over time is to increase the percentage of our income that we give away. As God blesses us financially we recognize that we have been blessed to be a blessing.

Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be.
— Matthew 6:21