We Still Do

Looking back at the We Still Do event which took place at St. Joseph's on January 21st with Teresa Tomeo and her husband Deacon Dom, we were blown away by all the couples that signed up and shared their night with us. 

This event was audio recorded and you can listen by clicking the button below. 


Marriage ministries from St. Mary's in Westphalia, Most Holy Trinity in Fowler and St. Joseph's here in Pewamo spent many hours of planing and praying for the this event: 

what a blessed group pf people 

This night was full of marriage stories that touched on hard times, marriages on the brink of divorce and intimate moments of love. 

Teresa and Dom have an amazing story themselves, here they are sharing that with us 


With so much happening in the life of the modern family, it's hard for couples to get out and focus on each other, and keeping God at the center. This night was planned for those couples in mind and we know they left more encouraged to live out God's plan for their marriages.