Make Church matter by growing disciples among Catholics in the Pewamo, Lyons and Muir areas and also to assist churches to do the same elsewhere. 


We aim to be a church that embraces our sacred tradition and builds community. Our strategy is to creatively reach out to Catholics in our community with a fresh and relevant presentation of the life-changing message of the Gospel to help them take their next steps on the path of discipleship to make them fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


34% of registered Catholics in the diocese attend weekly Mass.

27% fewer people attend weekend Mass. Yet the total population of the diocese decreased by only .3 percent.

IN THE U.S. 52% of Catholics have left the Church at some point. 8 million of them are open to returning.


Next Steps

Which one of these next steps should you begin immediately?


  • Personal commitment to prayer and falling back in love with God

  • Go to Confession

  • Join a Small Group 

  • Start managing your finances properly (call the parish for one-on-one coaching)

  • Join a Committee or Ministry

  • Pray with your Family daily (even if it's 5 minutes)

  • Attend a marriage retreat or seek counseling

  • Call the parish office to ask for prayers or to get prayed with for a certain situation

  • Invite a friend to Church


Please call the parish office to chat with a staff member if you need guidance