St. Joseph  Educational Trust Fund

1997 - 2018

Educational Trust Fund - The gift that keeps on giving!

The St Joseph Educational Trust Fund was established on June 10, 1997 to provide a solid financial base to support the operations of St. Joseph School. A yearly distribution is made to St. Joseph school by taking 5% of the average fund balance from the previous 4 years.  Based on this methodology, the Trust Fund has disbursed a total of $158,340.73 to the school since making its first distribution in 2000.  The Trust Fund is established as a 501(c) 3 organization, therefore contributions are tax deductible.  The fund is managed by the Trust Fund Committee.

How You Can Help

In order to maintain and improve our school, it is essential that the Trust Fund continues to grow. There are several ways you can make an investment in the future of St. Joseph School through the Trust Fund:

  • Tributes to loved ones on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Setting aside a certain tax deductible amount to be paid upon the death of the donor 

  • Making a memorial gift whenever you want to remember a departed loved one 

  • Gifts of real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

  • Leaving a bequest in your will

  • Establish a matching funds contribution via your employer

  • Contribute to the trust fund via the United Way

  • Use your monthly envelope and place in collection

  • Establish EFT to make regular contributions - please see parish office to establish

  • Making a cash gift – either place in collection or send to parish office c/o educational trust fund – 126 East St. Pewamo, MI 48873

  • https://smile.amazon.com

    • Search St Joseph Educational Trust Fund as the charitable organization you want to support

    • A portion of all purchases support the Trust Fund

    • Must go through the above link every time for the Trust Fund to get credit.


Trust Fund Committee Members

  • Jason Werner – President
  • Julie Spitzley – Vice President
  • Doug Klein – Treasurer
  • Glenn Schneider – Secretary
  • Nathan Pung – Trustee
  • Father Darrell - Trustee