St. Joseph Parish is made up of many great people who are constantly giving of themselves. Whether it be volunteering, donating or participating in our many events or faith formation classes, we are constantly reminded that we belong to an extra special community. But just as in many other parishes throughout the world, we realized that we still have work to do. We sat down and took a look at everything we do and offer for the people of our parish, both in education and fellowship opportunities, and we realized there are lacking areas in our parish community. It became evident to us that we needed to enlist a group of parishioners who were on fire for their faith to help us fill these gaps and develop opportunities so that we can better serve all the needs of our parish community. This is when GIVE was born. GIVE (Growing In Virtue and Evangelization) is a ministry that aims to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of God's greater purpose for their lives through educational classes, faith based speakers, service opportunities and fellowship activities. 

As the members of our parish and surrounding community become more involved in what GIVE has to offer, it is our hope that each person will find a renewed sense of mission to live more fully for the Lord. As a result, people will grow in virtue and live out fruits of the Spirit and thus be able to better serve God and share their faith with their families, the community and the world. God asks us to give of ourselves constantly in this life and most often that giving doesn't come easy. But, when we are doing it for a greater purpose and doing it because we understand that in the end, we are growing into the person that God has created us to be, the giving then becomes a source of love.